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telecom pos
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provides manufacturers, financial and corporate customers Depot Warranty Repair Services. In addition to providing electronic testing, complete refurbishing and software loading, we repair, upgrade and perform thorough cleaning and packaging. ITS is an authorized warranty repair center for the following manufacturer: VeriFone. As an industry leader in today's ever changing repair environment, knowledge gives us our competitive edge with our sales staff and repair technicians working together towards one common goal: the highest quality service and product.

Our company's vast experience in repairing devices from various manufacturers, and our extensive knowledge of different POS devices enables us to service numerous versions rapidly and efficiently. Our technicians receive annual training by the various manufacturers to stay current on all new products and maintain high-quality expertise. ITS is also a third party reseller of new and used POS credit card, financial and Data Comm. devices from Ingenico, Hypercom, Telecom POS, Verifone and more. 

telecom pos
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